Paul Anthony Webb

Paul Anthony Webb's portrait
  • What's your earliest memory of realizing being a lefty was "weird"?
  • My dad was in the military so I moved often. The first week of school was always the same thing; I'd look up from an assignment and see a kid looking at my hand and then at their own. Sometimes they'd use their other hand to force their fingers in the same arrangement as mine. In adulthood, it makes for interesting conversation.

  • When you write, is your writing utensil holding style "claw" or "clam"?
  • I'd have to say my holding style is a combination. The best way I can describe is, it looks like I observed how everyone in my family held writing instruments and fused those styles into my own. And for some reason, it's comfortable.

  • What does being a lefty mean to you?
  • When you are part of a minority it's exciting when you see someone else with the same trait as you (learning that Barack Obama was a lefty was a great day for me). Being a lefty means I can bring a lot to decision-making situations. It also means that I am simply unable to stop having ideas I want to work on. At least it's virtually impossible for me to get bored.

  • How have you acclimated to the world of righties?
  • When I was a kid, lefty scissors sucked. Like, really bad. I was jealous of everyone using the "normal" scissors with ergonomically molded plastic while I was stuck with metal contraptions last polished in 1940. Anyhoo, I learned how to use regular scissors and I throw frisbees with my right hand. In kickball, I'm a beast because my left leg windup is damn good.

  • Are you ambidextrous?
  • I am not but my mother is. Even though she has right-hand dominance she subsconsciously writes with her left hand sometimes.

  • Do you have a lefty-positive quote or anecdote?
  • One of my favorite things to say is, "Everyone was born right-handed. The gifted ones get over it." My wife rolls her eyes and I laugh. Only one of us thinks my jokes are fantastic.

  • Where can people connect with you online?
  • The only social networks you can find me on are Socii and Twitter. My homepage is It's a web page. Get it?

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